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3 Reasons to Hire an HVAC Pro

This week, we turn our attention to all the DIYers out there. It pleases us to see so many homeowners taking responsibility for the maintenance of their heating and cooling units. In fact, we recommend that every home owner have at least a basic understanding of what makes their HVAC units tick.

However, we don’t recommend you take on the following three repairs to your A/C alone.

#1 | The unit isn’t cooling.

If your air conditioner is running but there’s no cool air, there’s a problem with the condenser. Go check the part of your unit that’s outside. Clear away any debris or overgrowth and then drop the temperature a few degrees. If it doesn’t work, you need a pro because the condenser is probably broken.

#2 | The condenser is broken.

This is definitely not a problem you want to fix yourself because installing a new condenser is no easy feat. More often than not, DIY attempts to repair this issue damage the unit further.

#3 | You don’t know what’s wrong.

If your A/C isn’t working but you can’t pinpoint what the problem is, you definitely need the help of an air conditioning repair professional. Call 702.227.5622 today to schedule an 18-point HVAC inspection so you can make sure your A/C is ready to take on the triple digit temperatures that are right around the corner.

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