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5 Plumbing No-No’s You Make Every Day

Your home is more than just a shelter, it’s an investment for your future. The average person maintains their house by cleaning it and keeping it organized, but there is more that you are able to do to protect your home. Homeowners don’t realize the value of their home’s plumbing system. Because they don’t appreciate it, people make little mistakes every day that are putting their home’s plumbing at risk. Check out these five plumbing mistakes and take steps to avoid them in the future.

1. Using your garbage disposal for everything

Even though its name is a garbage disposal, you are not supposed to dispose of all your garbage in it. The garbage disposal is only able to withstand small bits of food at a time. Treating the garbage disposal like it’s a food compactor will clog and damage the blades. Avoid throwing large foods in the garbage disposal, including potato peels, chicken bones, cantaloupe rinds and pumpkin carvings.

2. Putting weight on plumbing fixtures

No matter if it is the shower head, kitchen sink or bathtub spout, no plumbing fixture is designed to withstand weight on it. Many people keep a shampoo rack hanging from the shower head. This needs to go immediately. The excess weight can gradually cause the fixture to break.

3. Pushing or pulling hard on a faucet handle

If the faucet is not working properly, people will crank the handle. This is only going to make the problems worse. Just like the shower head and bathroom spout, the faucet handle can only withstand so much weight and pressure. It’s designed to only turn a specific amount and any more could cause it to break. Avoid having to constantly buy new fixtures by gently turning on the faucet. Children tend to be the biggest culprits of abusing faucets, so teach them to turn the faucets gently as well.

4. Leaving the hose connected throughout the winter

Even in Las Vegas, the temperatures can drop fairly low at night during the winter. Many people already know the basics of avoiding frozen pipes. But what a lot of people don’t know, is that keeping the garden hose connected can cause the pipes to burst. This would cause nearly your entire home to flood and the damages would be extraordinarily expensive. It’s a simple solution to a potentially huge problem, just disconnect the hose when temperatures start dropping.

5. Mix-matching pipes

If you like to fix things yourself, chances are you know that pipes have to be specific shapes and sizes for certain installations. Many DIY plumbers don’t know that connecting two pipes made from different materials can cause the metal to corrode, creating leaks in the pipes.

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