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A Couple of Plumbing Don’ts

Homeowners do not always realize the value of their home’s plumbing system and often take it’s current working condition for granted. People make little mistakes every day that put their home’s plumbing at risk. These are two plumbing mistakes that people make often; be aware of them and take steps to avoid them in the future.

Putting everything and anything down the garbage disposal.

Just because it is advertised at being able to handle all sorts of things–even small bones, if you have the highest end of the Insinkerator line–does not mean it should. Treating the garbage disposal like it’s a food compactor will clog and damage the blades. Avoid throwing large foods in the garbage disposal, including potato peels, chicken bones, cantaloupe rinds and pumpkin carvings. The trash can is still a suitable place to dispose of food. If you are worried about smelly trash, empty it often.

Putting weight on plumbing fixtures.

No matter if it is the shower head, kitchen sink or bathtub spout, no plumbing fixture is designed to withstand much weight. People put weight on these fixtures without even thinking about it–and it is causing stress on them. Examples include supporting yourself as you get out of the bathtub, hanging a shampoo rack from the shower head, or hanging wet towels or clothes from the shower head or bath faucet.

If you think you might have damaged your plumbing, are having any problems with your plumbing or just want to get it checked, call JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning–your Las Vegas air conditioning and plumbing specialists–today!

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