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Did Air Conditioning Help Establish Big Government?

Though Las Vegas is a desert and temperatures exceed well over 100 degrees, it’s a dry heat. Summer in Las Vegas is brutal but the humidity that comes with summer in Washington D.C. is down right killer. Even with low approval ratings and a horrible track record, Congress takes off five weeks during the summer to simply get out of the city. A recent trend shows the government spending a lot more money and this is partly due to air conditioning.

Congress only began working full time during the 20th century. Up until then, lawmakers would only work for about six months of the year. Truthfully, it changed when the first air conditioning was invented in 1902. The House of Representatives receive the first A/C in 1928 and soon the Senate followed. President Herbert Hoover was the first president to experience the luxury of A/C in the White House.

Because the building was finally bearable to sit in, productivity jumped through the roof. Prior to the cool air circulation, many politicians were sent home or even to the hospital from heat exhaustion.

The temperatures rose so high during the summer months that a criteria was used to close down the office on exceptionally hot days. Just like on snow days, if the temperature reached a certain point, there would be no work that day.

In 1955, the federal government actually conducted a study on the matter. They found that productivity increased 24 percent when workers had A/C to cool them off. Because of this, the General Services Administration spent $181 million to properly equip federal building with air conditioning.

Even to this day, the positives effects of air conditioning in Washington can be seen. The number of overall staff and workers is six times more than back in the 1950s. Sure, the increase of employees isn’t solely because of air conditioning, but it did help dramatically.

The Washington humidity is so extreme some days that lawmakers couldn’t stand to be in the District at all. This caused getting a federal job to be a less desirable career move. Now there is nothing holding anyone back from getting a job in Washington.

So ultimately, you can thank air conditioning for establishing the government we have today.

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