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Cut Your Air Conditioning Costs

Even as summer is approaching an end, our energy bills can still look pretty scary. Let’s be honest, does the summer ever really end in Las Vegas? Not technically, until at least October. So we have a few more weeks of blasting our air conditioners. What’s a person to do? You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on the energy bill but you don’t want to sweat in your home either. Check out these tips to drastically cut the energy bill without having to suffer through the heat.

Get a programmable thermostat

Only naturally, you’re sure to know that turning up the temperature while you are away from your home can severely decrease energy costs. Of course, we’re all busy people. Who actually remembers to change the temperature on a daily basis? Now you don’t ever have to worry about forgetting. A programmable thermostat can be set to change the temperature automatically at certain times of the day. This will not only cut energy costs, but you can program it to start cooling your home right before you get home from work. Now you no longer have to wait in agony while the air conditioner kicks in after arriving home. Plus, the US Department of Energy claims you can save up to 15 percent with this modern technology.

Maintenance is important

The air conditioner has to be working properly to avoid using excess energy. If you do not maintain the unit, it will have to overwork to produce the same cool results causing you a higher energy bill. Maintenance is fairly simple. Replace the air filters when needed, repair any minor problems immediately and check that the drains are working properly. Of course, you’re not an A/C expert so you may not know how to do any of this. A plumber Las Vegas trusts to also do air conditioning can do it for you.

Plant some foliage

A major reason you are blasting your A/C is because the sun is shining through the windows and heating up your home. You’d think it would be a simple solution: close the blinds. Sure, you could, but then you’d be living in a bat cave all day. Buy a few trees and bushes from your local nursery to plant around your windows. Now you can sit in your house under shade so you won’t be burning up.


If you have tried to decrease the energy use but the cost is still making your jaw drop, contact your utility service. Many companies offer customers the option of “time-of-use” pricing. This means that during off-peak hours, usually at night, you will be charged less. Take the time to examine your energy bill. They deal with a lot of customers so there could be a chance for an error. If they did make a mistake, you’ll be refunded for any extra costs.

If your air conditioning unit decides it just can’t handle the heat and breaks down, don’t sit in a pool of your sweat. Contact the experts at JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning right away. Sitting in a home without the luxury of cool air is simply the worst thing that could happen in the city of Las Vegas. Don’t let that happen to you. For more information about Las Vegas plumber and air conditioning services, call 702.227.5622.

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