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Advantages Of A Water Softener

Itchy skin? Dry, frizzy hair?

Did you know that the quality of your tap water can greatly affect the condition of your skin and hair? Hard water, which Las Vegas is known for, is very harsh and can cause skin irritations such as eczema, dandruff and more. I can personally attest to all of these things. At my home, I had a water softener installed before I even moved in. I’ve learned quickly that when my skin starts to itch or my hair is frizzy, it’s time to add salt to my softener. I am my own personal notification system! 🙂

And don’t even get me started on those hard water deposits on my shower glass! Good news for these ugly and irritating problems…The plumbing industry has seen an increasing need for water conditioning/softener systems. Thankfully there are many water conditioning/softening systems that help combat some of the harsher elements in our water. Not all systems are created equal. There are many brands, functions, and additives to choose from. At JMAC, water softeners are built to meet the customers demand and fit the size of the home. Water softeners shouldn’t be a one size fits all…you wouldn’t settle for three sizes of shoes would you? To find out what system would be best for your home, contact the professionals at JMAC Pluming & Air today for an in-home consultation.

Advantages for Installing a Water Softener

Water treated with a water softener can have some great benefits for you and your household:
*Your silverware and glassware, are cleaner and shinier.
*Your hair and skin feels softer, cleaner and smoother (can you say Itch-free?).
*Restores the rich lathering of your soaps and shampoos, thus reducing the usage and costs of these products by 75%.
*Fabrics are also softer without hard minerals become trapped in them. Fabrics last longer and whites stay white without the dingy gray caused by hard water.

Having a water softener installed by the professionals at JMAC Plumbing & Air will provide softer, brighter clothes and will extend their life as well! Soft water also preserves the life of all water using appliances such as coffee and ice makers, dishwashers, and clothing washers. A water heater protected by a water softening system will also reduce the yearly energy cost of that appliance by 22%-29%. You can even help the environment: a water softener in the home reduces greenhouse gases equivalent to removing one SUV from the road for one year!



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