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7 Tips For Sleeping When The A/C Is Broken

As we’ve said time and time again, it’s really hot here in Las Vegas. We’re all so accustomed to sleeping in the cool air conditioning even during the hottest parts of the summer. What do you do when your A/C is down? Check out these tips for sleeping in the heat.

1. Avoid the following foods and drinks within an hour before going to sleep: caffeine, alcohol, sweets and spicy food. These can all dehydrate your body. At a time when you don’t have cool air to keep your body comfortable, you need all the hydration you can get. Instead opt for cucumbers, watermelons or a tall glass of cold milk.

2. Use a fan. Even though it’s just going to circulated the hot air in the room and not actually cool it down, the feeling of a breeze can ease the heat a tad bit.

Pro tip: Place ice cubes in front of the fan for about a hour half before going to sleep. This is the poor man’s version of air conditioning.

3. Take a cool shower right before bed. There is truly no better feeling than an ice cold shower in times of extreme heat.

4. Sleep with a thin sheet over you. Honestly, the best option would be to sleep without any covering at all, but we understand people just don’t feel quite right without a cover at night. A thin sheet can keep you comfy without overheating you.

Pro tip: Place the sheet in a plastic bag and put in the fridge a few hours before bedtime.

5. Keep the curtains closed during the daytime. This can actually be extremely beneficial. The sun beating down through the windows is truly excruciating, so by simply blocking it out, you’ll feel ten times better. Your house will feel cooler at night because it wasn’t warmed up too much earlier in the day.

6. Lightly moist a few hand towels then place in a plastic bag. Put them in the freezer at the beginning of the day. Place one on your forehead and feet about the time you want to drift off to sleep. Keep the extra frozen hand towels by the side of your bed for times you wake up from the heat.

7. Sleep spread-eagle in your bed, if space allows it. Don’t be afraid to let your feet dangle off the bed out of the covers. We promise the monsters under your bed won’t get you.

By following all seven tips, you won’t even remember that your air conditioning unit is broken. Just kidding, you shouldn’t have to live like this. Contact the trusted Las Vegas plumber and air conditioning experts right away. Seriously though, this is no way to live life. You deserve a cool home to sleep in at night. While these tips can be helpful for a night or two, don’t wait to contact the plumber Las Vegas NV trusts most. Good news, they even offer emergency service, so they could come out in the middle of the night to fix your A/C. Call JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning today at 702.227.5622.

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