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Air Conditioning 101

As a resident of an extremely hot city, we are all aware of the air conditioning unit. Well, kind of. We know that the thermostat controls the temperature and if kept too cold, the energy bill will be scary. This is about all we know. Many don’t really care to learn any more, but it’s actually pretty important to learn how the air conditioning works. How are you supposed to care for it if you don’t know the basics of it? Let’s learn a quick lesson from our Las Vegas plumber and air conditioning experts.

What is central air conditioning?

The simple definition is as follows: A method of cooling in which a centralized unit cools and dehumidifies the air before circulating it. A central air conditioning system is typically combined with a heating system as well. The appliance uses the same electrical power to distribute either cool or hot air in your home. A centralized system is usually found in large buildings or homes in hot climates.

In Las Vegas, nearly all residents will have a centralized air conditioning system because of its importance. This means that when the house was first built, air conditioning was built into it. Older cities or cooler climates won’t have air conditioning built in. For example, New York City residents have an external air conditioning unit that sits in their windows. When the residences were first built in that city, air conditioning didn’t exist yet.

In homes with a central unit, the main component is usually located outdoors because it makes a lot of noise. The main unit gets air flowing into the home or building through the ductworks that connect to the vents.

What is ductless air conditioning?

So, it seems that the ductworks are fairly important for an air conditioning system. While this is true, there are some systems that don’t require ducts. These are the individual wall units that are most commonly used in older or cooler cities. This form of air conditioning can be beneficial for keeping a single room at the desired temperature. A central system disperses the air between every room, so it typically doesn’t feel as cool as the residents want it to be. Also, using an individual unit can reduce the cost of energy use. The wall unit only has to use enough energy to cool one room, whereas a central unit needs enough energy to cool down an entire building.

Which is more beneficial?

Central air has the capability to eliminate the moisture out of the air. A wall unit cannot do this, so the room can feel cool yet humid. Central air is most beneficial for work buildings because it allows everyone to receive cool air without isolating one area.

When living in a hot climate like Las Vegas, it’s better to have a central air system. It will allow the entire house to cool down, so you aren’t restricted to just one room during 100 degree weather.

If you are experiencing any problems with your air conditioning unit, whether a central or wall unit, contact a Las Vegas plumber and air conditioning expert. JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning offer emergency service so you don’t have to tough out the hot temperatures. Contact an emergency plumber Las Vegas trusts for all your plumbing and air conditioning needs. Call 702.227.5622 today.

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