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Air Conditioning Fun Facts

Sometimes it’s nice to shake things up with a little random fun. So, here are five silly air conditioning facts that we bet you probably didn’t know.

  1. A/C wasn’t originally made for people. It was originally invented in 1902 to dehumidify the space where a New York publisher kept one of the first printing presses.
  2. The invention of the A/C made it possible for early settlers to venture into places like Nevada and Florida and stay. Until then, the northeast remained the county’s heart.
  3. A/C contributed to the massive popularity that quickly overcame movie theaters. The “cool air” cinemas were marketed for people to get away from the heat of summer and enjoy a flick (since most homes were not yet equipped with this technology).
  4. The addition of A/C to schools almost brought an end to summer vacations. The summertime break was initially started so that kids wouldn’t have to sit in a sweltering classroom becoming fussy and inattentive anyway. Thankfully, teachers appreciated their break from school as much as the students so the tradition continued.
  5. A/C contributed hugely to the development of modern medicine. Many of the medications and treatments that are used today could not have been created without the help of cooled and controlled environments. Furthermore, air conditioning made it possible for hospitals to thrive without the rampant spread of germs and viruses. That’s why it’s always so cold in hospitals and doctor’s offices!

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