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Over 1.5 Million Americans Don’t Have Indoor Plumbing

Earlier this year, the Census Bureau asked US residents to fill out its American Community Survey. The questions range from political standing to transportation means and even a few that could be considered an invasion of privacy. The most controversial questions from this year’s survey were housing questions 8a-8d. These questions were all regarding plumbing in a household.

People felt that asking about the plumbing in their home was too personal. However, questions regarding plumbing facilities have actually been on the Census survey since 1940.

Putting aside our problems with privacy, the survey revealed some pretty astounding statistics. Doesn’t everyone in America in 2014 have a flushing toilet? Surprisingly, no. In fact, over 600,000 homes don’t have complete plumbing facilities. These households lack a toilet, a tub, a shower or running water. The average household has 2.6 people living in it. Yes, that means that over 1.5 million people do not have full indoor plumbing in the US in the year 2014.

The map revealed that most of the areas that lacked proper plumbing contained Indian reservations. Apache County, Ariz., had the most amount of homes without plumbing at over 17 percent. Shannon County, S.D., ranked the second highest with 14 percent.

Though most states in the US only have one or two counties suffering without plumbing, nearly every county in Alaska has over 2 percent of homes or more without plumbing. Texas counties by the Rio Grande, Eastern Kentucky, Western Virginia and Southwestern Alabama also had high rates of homes without indoor plumbing.

When you consider the date modern plumbing was installed in homes, it really isn’t too shocking. 60 years ago, about 25 percent of US homes didn’t have regular indoor plumbing. Just 30 years ago, Oella, Md., relied solely on outhouses.

It’s no laughing matter that millions are still suffering from lack of plumbing. The data gathered by the Census Bureau allows the US government to become aware of these problems. Annually, the government spends over $400 billion on projects to better the country. This data has guided them to direct a large portion of this money to improving the plumbing.

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