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Anatomy of a Toilet, Part One

If you are having toilet troubles and are thinking about a DIY fix, you will need to know the basic anatomy of a toilet. Let us walk you through some simple terms—if you can understand what the directions you find are referring to, you will have made substantial progress. Let’s start with the tank and what’s inside. Stay for tuned for our next post, detailing the rest of a toilet’s anatomy.


Flush Valve. The flush valve is the device that’s used to flush a toilet. It is located in the middle of the tank and includes the overflow tube, and the flapper that covers the hole where the water enters the bowl.


Toilet Tank Float Ball. This is also called a ballcock, ball tap and float valve. It is a device used to fill the water tank while avoiding overflow.


Tank Lift Wires. This is the part that connects the tank ball/flapper to the flush valve. When the toilet is flushed, the tank lift wire lifts the flapper, allowing the water from the tank into the toilet bowl. When the flush mechanism returns to its resting position, the tank lift wire allows the tank ball/flapper to cover the hole again, allowing the tank to refill.


Toilet Tank Ball/Flapper. This is the part of the device that covers the hole that allows the water from the tank to empty into the bowl.


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