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Anatomy of a Toilet, Part Two

If you are having toilet troubles and are thinking about a DIY fix, you will need to know the basic anatomy of a toilet. Let us walk you through some simple terms—if you can understand what the directions you find are referring to, you will have made substantial progress. In our last post, we went over the tank and what’s inside. Today, we will cover the rest.


Bolt Caps. Every toilet is bolted to the floor. On either side of the toilet, on the flat part near the floor, you will find a bolt. Toilets come with a plastic bolt cap to help hide the bolt and have it blend in with the rest of the toilet. If you want to spice things up, you can find decorative bolt caps.


Flange Bolts. Every toilet flange is held in place by toilet flange bolts. Removing them is one of the hardest parts of removing your toilet.


Wax Ring. All toilets have a wax sealing ring mounted between the underside of the base and the flange attached to the waste line in the floor. It provides an impermeable barrier that keeps the flushed matter from seeping onto the bathroom floor.


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