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Avoid These Home Heating Mistakes NOW!

If you’re a native to the Las Vegas desert, you’re probably a wimp when it comes to the cold weather season. Normal people can walk around in shorts in the pathetic 60 degree winters we get. Desert rats, on the other hand, wrap themselves up in five blankets with the heat blasting in their homes. Because the natives are a bit dramatic in terms of trying to stay warm, they fail to take in account common sense. This leads them to make silly mistakes in regards to their heating system which leads them to pay the price later on.

Well, this ends today. Your trusted professionals at the heating repair Las Vegas company have laid out the most common mistakes and provided simple fixes.

Mistake 1: Extreme Temperatures

Because you all are blasting the heat to extreme temperatures while you are home, in a last ditch effort to save money on your energy bill, you turn down the temperature drastically low when you are away. Only naturally, this causes your home to reach frigid temperatures leading you to up the heat even more when you return. This rapid rollercoaster you are putting the heating system on isn’t doing your energy bill any good. The most you should turn down the heat is 15 degrees. Any more is putting too much strain on the system.

Mistake 2: Washing in Hot Water

Perhaps you seem to think that washing your blanket in grueling hot water will make it feel warmer once you can use it again. Or maybe you think the steam from the washing machine will radiate off and provide warmth in your home. Whatever the reason, you are just flushing dollars down the toilet washing anything in hot water during the winter time. More energy is used than normal to heat up the water in the winter time. Surprise, you have no need for hot water to wash your clothes. Unless the fabric is some fancy material that requires burning hot water to clean it, stick to using cold water in the washing machine.

Mistake 3: Leaving a Fan On

This includes any type of fan: Ceiling fan, bathroom fan, kitchen fan, etc. All the fan is doing is sucking up the heat in your home. You know what that causes? You to dial up the temperature on the thermostat even more. It’s a vicious cycle of energy wasting that can only be put to an end when you finally turn off the fans. Yes, we know that sometimes the fan might be necessary. But seriously, use it for as short a time as possible.

Mistake 4: Going at it Alone

And by “it” we mean the energy audit. In the age of the Internet, there is a plethora of tools online that allow you to perform your own energy audit on your home. These tools aren’t always entirely accurate, however. Sure, it asks you for all the right information, but how do you know you are filling it out correctly? The only way to be sure your home is energy efficient is to have a professional check it out.

Mistake 5: Taking the Heating System for Granted

So what if we only use the heating system three months out of the year? This doesn’t mean it should go left unnoticed the remaining nine months. The heating system needs to be properly inspected at least once every six months. This will ensure that it is always in tip top shape. Even a seemingly minor problem that goes left unfixed can result in a catastrophe.

For the best maintenance on your home’s HVAC system, consult with the experts in heating repair Las Vegas homeowners rely on. JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning has been around for three decades so you can trust that they know their stuff. For more information about heating and air conditioning repair in Las Vegas, contact 702.227.5622.

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