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Bathroom Storage Hacks

Sometimes, the places you need storage space most are the ones that have the most limited space. A prime example of this is the bathroom. We use the bathroom for a lot more than just the plumbing. While that is critical to a bathroom’s well-being, you also want to be able to find what you are looking for and have the space to use, it, too. Here are some bathroom storage ideas to help make your bathroom as organized and easy-to-use as possible:

Hang spice racks to organize your hair products and lotions. You can paint or stain the racks to get the perfect look.

Use coat hooks instead of a towel rod, especially is you have more than 1 person who uses it regularly. Instead of two towels, you can hang at least four (and more, depending on your wall space) while keeping the look nice and clean.

Put a lazy susan in the cupboard under the sink. No more reaching past a bunch of things, or emptying the cabinet when you are looking for something at the back.

Mount plastic or acrylic holders to the inside of the cupboard door to hold smaller items, like nail care items.

If you use bobby pins, mount a magnetic strip to the inside of a cupboard or medicine cabinet door. Your bobby pins will be easily accessible and easy to put away when you are done with them.

You take care of the storage needs; we’ll take care of the plumbing maintenance. Call JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning—your Las Vegas air conditioning and plumbing specialists—to schedule a service appointment today!

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