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Choosing the Best Air Filter For Your Home

In yesterday’s post, The Truth About Air Filters, we shared with you a few facts about this important household feature. We explained the real reason why homes need air filters and gave an example of a decent option for the long-term maintenance of your HVAC unit.

With that information fresh in mind, here are a few more great options for you to choose from when it comes time to change the air filter again.

Why Choose the Right Air Filter

Choosing the wrong air filter for your home is an expensive mistake to make. You cut your HVAC’s efficiency by as much as 10 percent. You’ll essentially be throwing your money down the drain. So, check out these air filter options available to you:

  • Fiberglass filters. This is an inexpensive option that we don’t recommend. They cost about $1 each, however you get what you pay for. The filters are very flimsy and really don’t do any filtering of the air at all. MERV Rating = 1-4
  • Polyester filters. These filters cost approximately $10 each and are a much more effective option than fiberglass filters. MERV Rating = 8-13
  • Washable filters. Depending on who you ask, washable filters are either fantastic or horrible. They cost about $20 each but they can last for years as long as they are washed properly. The only downside is that they can grow bacteria and fungus if the filter is not allowed appropriate time to dry after a washing before reinstallation. MERV Rating = 1-4
  • High-efficiency filters. This type of filter is made with densely woven fibers that do a great job of filtering many smaller pollutants from the air. Unfortunately, those dense fibers often cause reduced air flow which reduces an HVAC’s efficiency significantly. MERV Rating = 14-16

If you’d like an expert opinion on the air filter that will best suit your HVAC unit, call an air conditioning repair company at 702.227.5622 today to schedule an inspection.

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