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Clean and Care for Your Air Ducts

Air vents and ducts are a key component to the ventilation system that filters clean air through your home. However, many forget that in order to keep the air clean, the air ducts circulating the air should be regularly cleaned. Otherwise, the quality of air you breathe everyday will decline and your HVAC unit will suffer.

Eventually, dirty air ducts can cause costly damage that could have been avoided with simple cleaning. So, here are a few tips to help you clean and care for the air ducts in your home.


  1. Make sure all the ducts are covered with air registers that help you control how much air is blowing into a room.
  2. Never block vents with furniture, drapery, storage boxes or crates. This causes air ducts to get dirtier faster while also putting extra stress on your heating and cooling unit.
  3. Every time you vacuum, use the hose attachment to clean the grille that covers the air registers in order to prevent dusty buildup inside of the air ducts.
  4. When you change your air filter, sweep or vacuum the area right behind the filter to help prevent dusty buildup elsewhere inside the ducts.

Call a Pro

Unfortunately, truly cleaning your air ducts is not something that should be attempted by DIYers. There are particular tools and hoses that are needed to really get the job done right. So, contact a heating and air conditioning repair professional in Las Vegas at 702.227.5622 today to schedule a cleaning.

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