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If a plunger isn’t working, you may want to consider calling a plumber for your clogged toilet. Las Vegas, NV has access to some of the best plumbers around at JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning. With more than three decades of experience and the credentials you expect from a top tier service provider, trust our team of professional plumbers to deliver quality services that fit your schedule and budget. You’ll never worry about a clogged toilet again when you know you can contact us for a quick repair.

What Causes Clogged Toilets?

You may have a clogged toilet in Las Vegas, NV for a number of reasons. While toilet paper tops the list of the most common culprits, this isn’t the only cause. We’ve seen everything at JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning, but here are some of the other top reasons for clogs we come across:


  • Flushing the wrong things. Toilets aren’t garbage bins. You should not use them to throw away baby wipes, paper towels, sanitary napkins, medications, or other household garbage. The only things you should flush down a toilet are toilet paper and human waste. A mistake here and there may not clog a toilet, but no professional plumber will ever advise flushing “unflushables.”


  • Waste can build up in pipes and cause problems. Unfortunately, you can’t do much to prevent these incidents. They accumulate in bends and curves inside the piping and may start to cause a problem.


  • Pipe damage. Tree roots and other factors may lead to a clogged toilet in Las Vegas, NV. If a pipe starts to break down or a root grows into the system, you may start to notice that several appliances in your home are malfunctioning. You can’t DIY a solution for pipe damage. These are serious repairs that often require heavy equipment and new piping.


While many reasons can contribute to a clogged toilet, the professionals at JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning are ready to help. Whether your child thought it was funny to flush an action figure or you have a more serious problem, we’ll locate the source of the clog and eliminate it as efficiently as possible. Consider us your local resource for all clogged toilets in Las Vegas, NV. Schedule emergency services today.

Should I Try a DIY Toilet Unclogging Solution?

While the internet may make toilet unclogging look simple, we must advise against most DIY unclogging solutions. You may think your toilet can handle the harsh chemicals of liquid plumbing solutions, but some of these solutions can seriously harm your toilet and pipes. Here are our suggestions for clogged toilets in Las Vegas, NV:


  • Start with a plunger. Every property owner who has an onsite bathroom should keep a plunger handy to dislodge routine paper clogs.


  • Use an approved enzyme waste remover. Ask your plumber about safe enzyme products that can break down waste and remove a clog.


  • Purchase a plumbing snake. A snake is a device designed to weave down into your pipes and manually dislodge debris. If you do use a snake, use one made for toilet plumbing, not a DIY solution.


  • Contact the professionals. When in doubt, call the plumber. At JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning, we offer solutions for the DIY crowd as well as the hands-off audience. We’re happy to take care of any clog, including the simplest and most difficult, when you’re ready for professional intervention. We hope you’ll consider us your go-to resource for any clogged toilet in Las Vegas, NV.

How Can I Stop a Clogged Toilet From Overflowing?

A toilet overflowing after a clog is often a bathroom user’s worst nightmare. Luckily, avoiding the dreaded overflow is fairly simple. DON’T flush a clogged toilet repeatedly. Until you address the clog, repeated flushing will only increase the likelihood of overflowing the tank. Instead, use a plunger to try and remove a surface clog.

You may want to turn off the water or use another method to keep excess water from flowing into the bowl. Turn the valve on the wall to the right as far as possible, and then try to flush the toilet again. If you don’t want to turn off the water, you can also try opening the lid to the tank and lifting up on the float ball to stop the flow of water. These methods should keep your clogged toilet in Las Vegas, NV from overflowing, but they may not address the issue. If these methods don’t loosen a clog, contact a professional.

Why Isn’t My Plunger Working?

You’ll probably find two types of plungers at your local big box store: a drain plunger and a toilet plunger. Toilet plungers have a protrusion on the bottom of the bell shape that fit into the bottom of the toilet. This plunger is designed specifically for toilets and won’t work on sink and shower drains. To use a plunger like a pro:


  • Place the plunger securely down into the bowl vertically, then use an up-down movement.


  • Allow the protrusion at the bottom (the cup) to fill slightly with water for better force.


  • Always rinse the plunger thoroughly after using. Then add some toilet cleaner to the bowl and swirl the plunger around a few times to clean it.


For most clogged toilets in Las Vegas, NV, this simple plunging technique will eliminate the problem without further fuss. If you can’t unclog the toilet or you need to plunge the toilet regularly, however, reach out to a professional.

Contact Us for Toilet Services You Count On

At JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning, we understand the need for discretion with clogged toilet calls. We’re professionals capable of handling any problem in a commercial or residential toilet. Check out our Facebook page for our latest specials. Describe the situation to us, and we’ll send a qualified plumber out to eliminate the problem as soon as possible. For a clogged toilet, Las Vegas, NV locals can contact our team at (702) 227-5622.

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