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DIY Steps for Cleaning Your Furnace

Here in Las Vegas, the weather is already taking it’s turn toward spring. That means heaters are being turned off while doors and windows are graciously opened to let in the warming air.

However, before you turn off your heater, you want to give it a good cleaning in order to extend it’s life and make sure it’s ready to warm your home next winter. So, here are a few simple DIY steps for cleaning your furnace efficiently and effectively.

Things You’ll Need

  • clean rag or hand towel
  • screwdriver
  • 7/16 inch socket and ratchet
  • vacuum with a hose attachment
  • straw
  • cleaning brush with soft bristles

What to Do

Step 1 | Make sure the furnace is turned off. Turn the valve one quarter turn to ensure the gas is off as well. Use your rag to give all surfaces of your furnace a preliminary wipe down.

Step 2 | Vacuum around the burners and the base of the furnace. Don’t forget to use the hose attachment to reach the back corners of the furnace area as well.

Step 3 | Remove the blower door and vacuum inside there.

Step 4 | Remove and replace the heater filter.

Step 5 | Use the straw to blow away dust from the pilot and igniter.

While cleaning, there is a chance that you may discover damaged or broken belts in your furnace that are causing reduced heat production. If that is the case, it’s likely a good idea to contact an expert in heating repair to ensure that nothing else has gone awry as well. Just call 702.227.5622 to schedule an appointment today.

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