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JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning is ready to serve as your go-to emergency plumber. Las Vegas, NV home and business owners won’t find another team of experts as dedicated and skilled in emergency repairs and replacements. Our team has over 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry. If you notice storm damage, a sudden leak, or a sewer problem, we’re here to deliver fast, affordable, and complete services you can count on 24/7. We serve new construction contractors, businesses, and homeowners in the area. Receive immediate service for your plumbing problems today when you contact us for emergency assistance.

When to Call an Emergency Plumber

Anytime a plumbing problem disrupts daily activities, you may need to contact an emergency plumber in Las Vegas, NV. Here are some of the most common emergencies our team sees and some of the not-so-common occurrences:


  • Unlike slow draining sinks, bathtubs, and showers, a complete clog is a major problem. Not only can the occurrence interrupt your daily activities, but a clog can also become a breeding ground for pathogens. We don’t recommend using a store-bought unclogging solution. If you must try a DIY technique, try using a snake to tackle the problem. Unfortunately, many clogs lie within the pipe system and not close to the surface. Contact a plumber for emergency services if you can’t clear the drain.


  • Toilet problems. A running toilet may not pose an immediate emergency such as water damage, but it can waste a significant amount of water over the course of a day. If you have a clogged toilet or a leak that you can’t resolve, let a qualified plumber know as soon as possible. You may have a more serious plumbing problem or a leak that requires professional skills to resolve.


  • Water heater problems. If you notice excess water around your water heater, don’t ignore the signs. A water heater leak can cause serious structural damage and cause your unit to rust. A water heater leak may indicate a need to replace your current water heater. An emergency plumber in Las Vegas, NV from JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning can help you make an informed decision about your water heater problem.


  • Sewer problems. A clog or backup in the sewer system can cause bad smells and increase the risk for water contamination around the home. If you notice a persistent bad smell emanating from your drains and toilets, you may have a sewer problem. Contact a plumber if you notice any ongoing smells you can’t identify or if you notice a smell or water buildup along the sewer line outside the home.


When in doubt, contact an emergency plumber in Las Vegas, NV for a professional opinion on handling a plumbing problem at home. Some issues may not require immediate assistance, while others may turn into more serious problems if left unresolved. Our team of skilled and polite plumbers are ready to help you keep your plumbing in top shape throughout the year.

A Fast Response You Can Count On

A fast response matters in a plumbing emergency. If a busted pipe is spewing water in your home, time can make the difference between minor and major damage. When you call us for an emergency plumber in Las Vegas, NV, we’ll minimize damage from leaks and overflows. With a fleet of fully outfitted plumbing vehicles, you won’t have to wait your turn for a plumber to reach your home or office. We’ll dispatch someone quickly in emergencies to protect your property from further damage.

Until your emergency plumber in Las Vegas, NV arrives, you can take a few steps to reduce the damage on your own. If you know where the shutoff water valves are, you can stop a leak in its tracks. Familiarize yourself with the shutoff valves under sinks, toilets, and outside the home. For other issues, such as strange noises, ask the representative if you can do anything before a technician arrives. Whatever your emergency, trust on our friendly service professionals to give you guidance at every step.

Emergency Services for Las Vegas and Surrounding Areas

At JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning, your emergency plumber in Las Vegas, NV also serves surrounding areas including Henderson, Boulder City, and Paradise. We serve many different area codes, but one thing will never change: our service. Whether you’re two miles from our office or 15, we have the emergency services and regular plumbing services available to keep your plumbing in top shape year after year. As an Expertise-rated company for the Best Plumbers in Las Vegas in 2016, you’ll see the difference quality customer service and years of experience make in emergency plumbing.

Other Services Available From JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning

After our emergency plumber in Las Vegas, NV has handled a time-sensitive situation, we hope you’ll remember our service for your regular plumbing and air conditioning service needs. We can offer advice about new plumbing and HVAC equipment, install new fixtures and equipment, haul off outdated equipment, complete repairs on all makes and models, and provide yearly maintenance inspections for homes and businesses.

Whether you’re completing a home remodel or you’re having trouble with hard water in the area, we’ve got a tested solution that will fit your lifestyle and budget. Consider our company your comprehensive resource as your routine and emergency plumber in Las Vegas, NV. Read more about our services.

Contact JMAC Plumbing for Immediate Assistance

You never know when a plumbing emergency may strike. You could come back from vacation to see a puddle around your water heater or notice a non-draining clog in your sink after dinner one night. Whether you’re at home or work, do you know who you can call in the event of an emergency? Keep the number for JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning handy. We look forward to earning your business now and into the future. To hire us as a go-to emergency plumber, Las Vegas, NV residents can call us any time at (702) 227-5622.

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