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Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency

Two phrases we hear a lot lately are energy conservation and energy efficiency. Do you know the difference between the two? A lot of people use the two phrases interchangeably, but they are two separate concepts. Energy conservation is saving energy by using less of an energy-using source, such as an air conditioner or a washing machine. Energy efficiency is saving energy by changing the way we use our energy-using sources, whether it is by implementing efficiency upgrades and changing how we use those sources.


You can do things in your home to help increase your energy conservation and energy efficiency. Here are some ideas:


-Turn off lights when not in use.

-Decrease the wattage in your light fixtures, or change to LED lighting

-Use the energy-saving modes on your appliances

-Use the cold water cycle on the washing machine whenever possible

-Schedule regular service for your air conditioner and heater

-Take advantage of the spring and fall; turn off the a/c and heater and control the temperature in your home by opening the windows

-During the summer and winter, close the curtains. In the summer, it will help block the sun, and in the winter, it will help to keep the heat in the room from escaping.


For help evaluating and improving your energy efficiency, or to schedule that service for our a/c and heater, call us today!

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