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Fixing Fixtures

Living in the Las Vegas area in the summer time means that you more than likely have an air conditioner. A Las Vegas air conditioning company that not only handles air conditioning and heating but also all plumbing needs is JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning.


They have many different services such as replacing your fixtures. Have you ever wanted to upgrade your faucets, sinks, toilets, etc? Not everyone knows how to replace a wax ring and bolts on a toilet, but JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning does. They can help you shut off your water so you don’t cause a flood and then they will professionally replace any plumbing fixtures you want.


When they replace your water heater, they get the correct permits and follow your cities legal codes and then they will even haul away your old water heater so it isn’t sitting around collecting dust in your garage.


JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning have been servicing the Las Vegas area for over 30 years. So no matter what problem you have, if it has to do with your plumbing or air conditioning, give JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning a call and get back to living your life in comfort.

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