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Everyone has seen the signs in bathrooms asking that you only flush toilet paper down the toilet. Everyone knows that you should not let your kids flush anything and everything down the toilet. Some things are logical—if you try to flush Superman down the drain, he will get stuck in the pipe and cause a blockage. But what about paper towels? Or wipes? Or dryer sheets? These things all have a similar consistency to toilet paper, and some even say they are flushable. What about those things are bad for your plumbing?

Paper towels and wipes. While these are technically paper products, they are not as similar to toilet paper as we might think—that little bit of extra weight makes them risky to flush. If you have even a very small clog starting, paper towels and wipes can get stuck on the clog and make that small problem a large one. Unlike toilet paper, paper towels and wipes will not disintegrate as easily in a short amount of time, and the clog will grown quickly.

Dryer sheets. In addition to the reasons set forth above, dryer sheets are full of chemicals that can cause problems for your local treatment facilities. For a lot of people, flushing a dryer sheet has never even crossed their mind—but there are some people who swear by using a dryer sheet to clean the toilet bowl, saying that it easily removes those toilet bowl rings that we are all familiar with. In that situation, opt for the trash can and say no to flushing it down the toilet.

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