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Freon Leaks: Fact or Fiction?

Many people are told that freon slowly gets used up by the air conditioning system in their homes. These unsuspecting customers are told that their freon levels have been depleted and need to be replenished, usually with a lovely sticker price for the service.

However, this just isn’t true. Freon doesn’t get consumed by your air-conditioner the way a car consumes gas. If the freon levels in your air conditioner are low, it’s because there’s a physical leak in the system that the compound is escaping through.

Freon Leaks 101

Fact #1: Freon doesn’t have to be topped off every year. The compound changes it’s state from liquid to gas to liquid through the system, but energy is never used to consume it. If your current service technician is charging you for a regular freon refill, there’s a real leak that needs to be addressed.

Fact #2: Freon leaks start small and get worse over time if the hole it’s escaping though is not fixed. This is the only reason why you would need to top off your freon.

Fact #3: Freon gas is what usually leaks through the evaporator coil. Liquid freon leaks can happen, but they’re very rare and difficult to diagnose and fix. If you’re told you have a liquid freon leak, make sure to contact an experienced HVAC technician at 702.227.5622 to get a second opinion before you shell out any cash.

Truthfully, this post only scratches the surface about freon leaks. Check out our post on the causes of freon leaks and how you can repair them.

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