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Frozen Pipes…in Vegas?

Yep, even in the desert we need to be concerned with frozen pipes

If you are new to the Las Vegas Valley you probably don’t think you need to be concerned with your pipes freezing on your home. Well, anyone that has been through a Vegas winter knows that we do occasionally get freezing temps – which can lead to frozen pipes.

Frozen pipes can wreak havoc if they burst! It is wise to take preventative steps to ensure you don’t have to deal with any damage and repairs.

1. Drain your outside lines – Any outdoor plumbing lines are what you need to be concerned with the most, such as sprinklers, outdoor kitchens, fountains, and such. You will want to the shut off the water by turning off the main valve to your home, and then turning on any sprinklers and outdoor plumbing fixtures you may have, to drain any water. Be sure you drain your garden hoses as well and be sure to coil them back up afterwards. You may need to repeat this process whenever you use any water outside throughout the season.

2. Insulate your pipes – If you’ve lived in colder climates you probably remember wrapping your pipes to prevent freezing. If the forecast is showing freezing temps, it’s a great idea to wrap any exposed outside pipes of your home and property. The local hardware store carries several different wraps and tapes that can make this an easy prevention.

3. Let your faucets run – I know it sounds crazy but a very slight trickle of water to keep water flowing (instead of freezing) is a lot less costly than burst pipes. Simply turn your faucets on before turning in for the night with just a trickle of water – it will really help in preventing freezing.

Lastly, on a side (freezing) note…be sure to wrap your beloved plants, especially many species of palm trees that don’t handle the freezing temps very well. Burlap works great for providing the right amount of protection.

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