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Make cleaning easy again with JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning’s garbage disposal installation. Las Vegas, NV locals can count on our team to install a no-hassle system that makes doing the dishes a breeze. In the industry for over 30 years, our team of plumbing veterans are ready to take on your next project. From choosing and installing new appliances to repairing your tried and true ones, we’re here to make home and office maintenance easy and cost-effective. Let us know when you’re ready to schedule your next installation services.

Benefits of Installing a Garbage Disposal

Many modern homes list garbage disposals in kitchen sinks as a minor luxury. If you hate fishing food debris out of your sink drain or fighting constant clogs, a garbage disposal installation in Las Vegas, NV from JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning may help you enjoy (or at least tolerate!) doing the dishes again. Here are some benefits to help you decide to install a new garbage disposal:


  • Instead of cleaning out a food catcher or fighting with food in the bottom of your sink, simply let small pieces of food fall into the disposal. Grind them up with the touch of a button.


  • Decreased risk of smells. Smells coming from the kitchen drain can become repugnant if you’re not properly cleaning food out on a daily basis. With a disposal, you can effectively remove all particles from the sink environment and keep the area smelling fresh.


  • Reduced organic waste. When you have to frequently throw away food particles from plates, you’re unnecessarily adding to your level of household waste. With a garbage disposal installation in Las Vegas, NV, you can easily chop up and remove several types of food waste at the touch of a button.


Garbage disposals aren’t a major investment, and they can significantly enhance your quality of life. If you’re ready to see the difference a garbage disposal can make in your kitchen, check out our latest specials for savings.

Why Hire Professionals for Your Kitchen Plumbing?

You can purchase a garbage disposal at a major home improvement store or online. However, any DIY project comes with certain risks. If you haven’t installed a disposal or other household appliances before, consider hiring a professional to help you. When you contact our team for a garbage disposal installation in Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas, you’ll receive:


  • Professional product recommendations. While many disposals claim to fit into any sink, some varieties may not work as well in your setting. Depending on the location of your sink, available space, and your needs, we may recommend certain disposals. We also have the advantage of routinely working with these appliances. Our team of professionals know which ones hold up and which ones don’t.


  • Satisfaction guarantee. If you install a garbage disposal yourself and something goes wrong, you have no form of recourse. However, if we install your garbage disposal and something goes wrong, we’ll correct our mistake for free. You should have peace of mind that your garbage disposal was properly installed and safe for use immediately. When we complete a garbage disposal installation in Las Vegas, NV, we look for any potential problems and offer our tips on getting the most out of a new system.


  • We know how to install major garbage disposals efficiently. We can typically complete an installation in a short amount of time so you can get back to your life. If spending the next several hours trying to install a garbage disposal doesn’t sound fun, consider contacting us for complete installation services.


While saving a few extra dollars on a DIY installation may sound nice, contact our team for a free pricing estimate. You may save more in the long run if you schedule a professional call for your garbage disposal installation in Las Vegas, NV.

Using Your New Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are convenient and powerful, but owners should follow instructions carefully to keep their units in good working order. If you treat your new garbage disposal installation in Las Vegas, NV well, it will last for years. Here are our recommended best practices for your new unit:


  • Run water before and after you turn on the disposal. A consistent flow of water will help the disposal move food products through the system. Turn on the water before you start the disposal and leave both on for a few minutes after the last bit of food goes down. Then turn off the disposal before you turn off the water.


  • Don’t grind large pieces of food. Don’t assume food that will fit down the disposal is the appropriate size. Food passing through the system should fit easily. Use judgment about breaking down food before you grind it. For instance, peaches without the skins can go into the unit in large pieces, but apple pieces (which are hard) should remain fairly small.


  • Avoid grinding non-food products. Always check the area to keep the unit from trying to grind forks, glassware, or other non-food products. Never purposefully use the unit to shred paper or grind glass, plastic, and other hard items. If you do accidentally grind a non-food object, you may need to call our team out for support with garbage disposal installation in Las Vegas, NV.


Do use citrus to freshen the unit. The oils from the skins and the fruit itself will keep the appliance smelling fresh and working properly

Get Your New Garbage Disposal Today!

When we install garbage disposals in new construction projects and for home and business owners in the area, our customers are thrilled with the investment. A garbage disposal will keep your sink area clean, fresh, and ready to go whenever you need it. You can count on the professionals at JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning to deliver exceptional services whether you call us for general plumbing repairs or for a garbage disposal installation. Las Vegas, NV home and business owners can dial (702) 227-5622 to learn more.

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