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If you need garbage disposal replacement, Las Vegas, NV has the right solution at JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning. With a legacy of plumbing work in the local industry, our company offers some of the best services you’ll find in the area. We’re committed to our customers, dedicated to industry standards, and mindful of the cost of plumbing emergencies. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or your old unit dies, you can count on us to help you find the right garbage disposal replacement. Setup your replacement call today.

When to Replace a Garbage Disposal

The average life expectancy for a garbage disposal is a little over a decade. However, usage patterns and unit quality may change the outcome from case to case. Occasionally, you may need to replace a faulty unit within years of purchasing it. Here are some signs you should invest in garbage disposal replacement in Las Vegas, NV:


  • You fiddle with your disposal every time you use it. If your disposal requires constant resetting or cuts in and out during use, you may need to invest in a newer model. When it turns into a high-maintenance appliance, consider replacing it.


  • You can’t remove the smell. Over time, a regularly used disposal may start to develop an odor from all the foods it grinds. If the traditional deodorizing techniques fail to remove the stench, consider replacing the entire unit to enjoy an odor-free kitchen once again.


  • You hear a loud, uncharacteristic noise when you turn on the machine. You know what your unit sounds like when it works well. If you notice any unusual grinding, metal scraping, or loud banging noises, the motor may have issues. Depending on the problem, you may need to contact a plumber for garbage disposal replacement in Las Vegas, NV.


  • You see water pooling underneath the sink. A garbage disposal shouldn’t leak water under your sink. If the seals have worn down, a technician may recommend replacing the seals. For more serious cracks, a repair may not work.


At JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning, our service area extends far beyond the city of Las Vegas. We routinely accept work in Henderson, Paradise, and Boulder City. If you live in one of our service areas, you have access to our 24/7 emergency plumbing offering. For plumbing crises, we’re always available to reduce the risk of damage and protect your plumbing. Discover more about our services.


While many signs indicate the need to replace an entire garbage disposal, many problems only require a minor replacement. For instance, if the blades start to dull and take longer to chop up food, they may need sharpening or replacement. Unless a blade has caused a more serious problem within the disposal, you won’t need to invest in an entire garbage disposal replacement in Las Vegas, NV.

6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Garbage Disposal

When you decide to invest in a garbage disposal replacement in Las Vegas, NV, you can choose from the latest brands on the market today. Our plumbers can help you pick a brand or offer advice if you have a certain make or model in mind. We offer complete installation services, including disposing of the old device when we finish. Often, we can accommodate same-day replacement for garbage disposal calls.


With your new device installed, here are some of our suggestions to help you get the maximum lifespan out of your garbage disposal replacement in Las Vegas, NV:


  • Run cold water when you run the disposal. Turn on the water before you start running the unit, and don’t turn off the tap until after you’ve cut the power to the disposal. This will ensure food moves through the appliance with ease instead of remaining in the system to cause problems later.


  • Avoid overcrowding. Don’t force large amounts of foods into the unit. Think of your disposal as a paper shredder. If you don’t want the shredder to clog, put a limited amount of material in at once. You’ll get a feel for how much yours can handle as you use it.


  • Keep the drain clear. Most disposal owners have occasionally made the mistake of losing a piece of cutlery down the drain and then turning on the disposal. Keep utensils away from the drain to protect your fine china and garbage disposal replacement in Las Vegas, NV.


  • Understand the do’s and don’ts of feeding the disposal. Your unit can’t break down certain items. Bones, popcorn kernels, artichokes, egg shells, grease/fats, and onion skins don’t belong in the garbage disposal. Read your instructions carefully for items you can and can’t place in the unit.


  • Make a deodorizing mixture to keep your system clean. Run ice and citrus peels through the disposal occasionally to remove debris from the interior of the unit and keep your sink smelling fresh and clean. Vinegar also works well as a disposal deodorizer.


  • Avoid using your hands to unclog the system. Garbage disposal blades are incredibly sharp and can cause serious injuries. To remove clogging items, turn off the unit and then use a set of pliers or another long, grabbing utensil. If you can’t remove a clog on your own, contact a professional for assistance.


Once you adjust to the quirks and recommendations for your garbage disposal replacement in Las Vegas, NV, you’ll love the convenience and cleanliness of using it while doing the dishes. Whether you contact us for garbage disposal services or another plumbing service, we look forward to delivering a premier plumbing experience.

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When it’s time to replace a plumbing appliance such as a water heater, garbage disposal, or sump pump, remember the team at JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning. We’re your complete resource for any plumbing problem you encounter. From slab leaks to deep pipe clogs, we have the tools and the expertise to fix the problem fast so you can get back to your daily activities. For more information about a garbage disposal replacement, Las Vegas, NV and surrounding area residents can call (702) 227-5622.

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