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Geothermal Heating 101

Forget the sun’s natural energy to power your home. It’s time to start looking underground to find a solution to high energy costs. Geothermal heat pumps are the new way to heat your home using minimal energy.

What it is

As we all know, the core of the Earth is molten rock. Now, we aren’t saying that the geothermal heating comes from that low in the ground. The Earth just becomes warmer the further below the surface you go. Even a distance as seemingly shallow as six feet under contains warmth. The pumps are buried underground to obtain that warmth and then move it into your home.

How it works

That almost sounds like magic. The heat from the ground is pushed upwards to your home. You’re sure to be scratching your head by now. Let us explain further. A high-pressure refrigerant is used to capture that heat and move it towards your home. This is similar to the use of a conventional heat pump. The heat moves through liquid-filled pipes buried underneath your home. This process only uses about one kilowatt-hour of electricity to produce 12,000 Btu of heating. On average, the cost of using only one kwh is 16 cents.

Switching heating systems

So, why hasn’t everyone in the US switched to this new energy efficient method? Well, it’s not cheap to install. While the savings in the long run will make it worth it, having all that money up front makes a lot of people nervous. You’ll need about 1,500 square feet of pipe for the average sized home. Factor the cost of the pipes as well as the labor and you are looking at spending about $20,000.

The payback in savings of energy doesn’t happen right away. The Air Force Institute of Technology found that it takes about eight years to break even. This depends on your local utility rate, drilling costs, insulation in the house, efficiency of the model and incentives by the state.

Even if it may take some time for the geothermal heating system to truly pay off, the biggest benefit is the life of the appliance. Experts believe that it can easily last well over five decades. When you compare this to the measly 15 years that a typical HVAC system lasts, the benefit is clear.

Deciding to switch up your heating system is a major decision. Be sure to talk with the expert heating repair services Las Vegas homeowners trust most. The professionals at JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning have over 30 years of experience dealing with a variety of heating and cooling systems. You can trust that they will help you find the best choice for your home. For more information about heating and air conditioning repair in Las Vegas, contact 702.227.5622.

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