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Common Repairs For Your Geothermal Unit

We’ve talked before about the energy benefits of switching your home’s heating system to a geothermal heat pump. If you’ve made the switch, good for you. It shouldn’t be too long before you’re reaping the financial benefits. Because this system is much different than what you are used to, maintaining and fixing it could pose a bit of a challenge for you. When taking care of it properly, this system could last you over 50 years. Take note my friends, you’ll want to learn these simple repairs.

Leaks in the ground loops

The geothermal heating system contains two loops. The main one is considered the refrigerant loop and is buried underground. The second loop is used to transfer a mixture of water and anti-freeze. This loop is made from high-density polyethylene which is commonly used in the production of plastic bottles. This means that the loop is not completely sturdy and is at risk of developing leaks. Though a minor leak isn’t going to cause dire problems, if left unfixed, it can eventually cause major damage. In order to detect a leak, you’ll want to place colored dye into the system. Inspect the loop to find where the colored liquid exits. From there, you can simply patch it up using a product known as Fix-A-Leak.

Flushing out the system

If your geothermal heating system uses open loops, it is at risk of being contaminated by hard water. This will leave minerals behind that can create clogs in the system. Naturally, the clogs prevent it from working properly. When this happens, you are in need of an acid flush. This should be done by an expert heating repair Las Vegas company. Attempting to DIY leaves you at risk of getting hurt or breaking the system.

Fixing heat pump components

Most repairs that are necessary will be for minor components throughout the system. One of the most common repairs is replacing the fan motors. This and any other minor electrical repairs bare resemblance to that on the average type of heating system. Though these repairs can be done yourself, it’s always best to let a professional handle the work to ensure it gets done correctly and quickly.

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