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Choosing the Right Heating System For Your Vegas Home

Though it may only get cold for about two months out of the year, us Las Vegans would truly be at a loss without a proper heating system. We’re so used to the heat that when temperatures drop below 60 degrees, we’re freezing.

For the most part, we don’t really think about our heating system. We know it turns on when we need it to and, for the most part, it’s cheaper than the A/C. However, if the system is not properly maintained or your home has energy leaks, your bills could start racking up substantially. For those budget conscious people, the experts you trust at the heating repair Las Vegas company have compiled a list of different types of heating systems that can help save you pennies.

Hydronic Heating

This uses water to transfer the heat. The liquid is initially heated up in the water heater and is then circulated through the water coils. This type of system is most commonly used in condos and apartment buildings. The most unique part of this type of heating system is that it can be installed throughout the walls and floors of your home. That means that, on a cold winter day, you can walk barefoot in your home without freezing.

  • Advantages – The cost of piping is fairly cheap. The transfer of water rather than energy will save you up to 40 percent on your bills.
  • Disadvantages – There is the possibility of water leaking from the system. In the event of extreme cold temperatures, the plumbing throughout your home could freeze.

Gas Heat

Often referred to as Forced Hot Air, this type of heating system is generally used in houses. The thermostat controls the temperature of the home. A furnace uses natural gas to heat up the air and pushes it through the vents. This is an affordable way to heat up your home because furnaces can last up to 25 years when properly maintained.

  • Advantages – For homeowners, this is a good option because it rarely needs replacing. Natural gas can save homeowners up to 50 percent on energy bills.
  • Disadvantages – It can take a while to effectively heat up the entire home.

Heat Pumps

This is the most common heating system used in Las Vegas residences. It is convenient because it doubles as an air conditioner unit. This appliance uses electricity but less than any other appliance in your home. This works most efficiently in areas that don’t reach extremely cold temperatures.

  • Advantages – The heat produced isn’t as intense as the gas heating system so it uses less energy.
  • Disadvantages – They can be ineffective if the temperature drops too low outside.

Talk with the experts in heating repair Las Vegas homeowners trust to learn more about your options. The pros at JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning are knowledge in all matters of heating systems so they can find the right choice for your home. Contact the Las Vegas plumber and heating experts at 702.227.5622 to learn about new customer specials.

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