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Checking On Your Home Energy Usage

Don’t let your money fly out of your window. Too many people living in Las Vegas make the mistake of ignoring their home energy use in fall and winter. Just because you aren’t cranking the A/C doesn’t mean you aren’t racking up your bill. In fact, heating your home can cost just as much if you aren’t careful. So, be sure your home is draining out its energy with tips from the heating repair Las Vegas company you trust most.

Has your home been inspected by an expert?

We could tell you repeatedly with a megaphone that you need to stop wasting energy, but if you aren’t sure where the energy is being wasted, you won’t know how to fix it. So, the first step is to contact an expert in heating repair Las Vegas homeowners rely on. A professional will inspect your home from top to bottom to find any leaks and other problems that could lead to energy waste.

The first recommendation the professional will inform you of is to replace major appliances with energy efficient ones. Even if they aren’t causing a big problem, just making the switch can save around 10 percent on your energy bill year round. Just imagine if you switched out every appliance for its energy efficient equivalent. The savings would be truly unreal.

After informing you of the energy efficient appliances, the expert will thoroughly inspect your home for leaks. The inspection will begin outside. The walls will be thoroughly examined for possible cracks or joints where air could leak out. If any are found, caulk will be used to patch it up.

Next the inspection will move indoors. Here the expert will inspect all doors, windows, corners and anywhere else that could possibly hide an air leak. Caulk will quickly become your home maintenance best friend during this time as you’ll likely need a lot of it.

In addition to checking for leaks, the expert will see if you home is properly insulated. The insulation should be on all door frames, outlets and plumbing. If you do have insulation, the Las Vegas plumber expert will ensure it is in proper condition to last through the approaching winter.

Finally the expert from the heating repair Las Vegas company will examine the furnace. Perhaps all you need is a new filter for your home to be at its prime energy efficiency, or maybe you need a tune up. Regardless, it should be done prior to a major drop in temperature. This will prevent any major energy loss and future repair costs in the middle of winter.

Don’t waste your money during the cold season. Sure you may have to drop a few bucks for new energy efficient appliances and for the inspection itself, but ultimately that one time cost will seem like nothing down the line when you have saved up to 50 percent on your home’s energy bill. Don’t wait to contact the professionals in heating repair Las Vegas homeowners rely on. JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning offer great discounts for new customers. Contact them today at 702.227.5622 to learn more about their specials.

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