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Hot Summer Nights

It is unlikely that we will make it through our lives without having to sleep in a room without air conditioning on a hot summer night at least once. Whether the air conditioning broke, there is a power outage, you forgot to pay the electric bill—it happens—or you are staying at someone’s house who doesn’t have the air conditioning on, there are ways that you can cool down and avoid a sleepless night:


(1) If your air conditioning is broken, put first things first—give your Las Vegas air conditioning specialists a call and get a jump on getting it up and running fast.


(2) If you can, sleep in another room. Pick a room that is on the main floor (or in the basement, if you have one) and that has a ceiling fan and/or windows that you can open.


(3) Strip down to your comfort level—the less clothing and the lighter the fabric, the cooler you will be—and sleep only with a sheet.


(4) Think ahead! As soon as the weather outside is cooler than inside the house (even if just a little bit), open the windows in the room and get a fan going. You want to have the air circulating and the room cooling down as much in advance of bedtime as possible.

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