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What is Hydro Jetting?

Have you ever wondered how the Las Vegas plumbers effectively clean your drains when they are clogged? Well, they use a cleaning method known as hydro jet cleaning. This is the process of spraying high pressure water streams along the drains and sewer pipes to remove buildup and debris. The water is sprayed at a pressure of 4000 psi, which means 4000 pounds of water is sprayed per square inch.

Before your trusted Las Vegas plumbers will perform the hyro jetting, they first have to determine the cause and location of the problem. For example, if the drains are backed up in your home, tree roots could have damage the sewer drains. The plumber would first need to use a snake to tear up the heavy roots before hydro jetting the plumbing system. Also, if the plumbing system has cracks or starting to weaken, the hydro jetting can actually make the problem worse. It is crucial to the life of your plumbing system that it is effectively inspected prior to the pressure cleaning.

When the Las Vegas plumbers use hydro jetting for residential plumbing systems, it will remove sand, silt, scale, hair and other residue that may have caused a buildup. For homeowners, hydro jetting only needs to be done if the drains are too clogged to work properly. However, restaurant owners should get routine hydro jetting at least once a year in an effort to remove grease and food particles.

Though snaking can work for minor clogs, hydro jetting is the only sure fire way to remove all residue. The use of a snake will only break up major clogs. This means that any buildup along the walls of the pipes will still be there. This makes it easier for clogs to form in the future. Hydro jetting is environmentally friendly because only water is used. No harsh chemicals are needed to eliminate the clogs.

Some homeowners may be thinking that hydro jetting is simple enough to do themselves. For one, a special hose is needed to apply the necessary water pressure. Like previously stated, the plumbing lines also need to be thoroughly inspected for any potential leaks. Quality Las Vegas plumbers are trained to handle every minor or major plumbing problem that could arise. In addition to cleaning your system, they can also take steps to prevent future damage.

Though hydro jetting isn’t necessary to be done on a regular basis for homeowners, it can prove beneficial. Snaking is only a temporary fix, whereas hydro jetting is a solution to clogged drains. Routine hydro jettings can ensure your plumbing system nevers gets clogged. This will ultimately extend the life of the pipes and eliminate the need for emergency plumber services.

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