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The Importance of Changing Your Air Filter

Most people know that it’s important to regularly change the air filter in your home’s HVAC unit. Unfortunately, many don’t understand the real reason why it’s so important. So, we prepared a guide describing the truth behind air filters.

Myth: Air filters purify the air I breath.

Truth: While air filters do help with that, purifying the air is not their purpose. Air filters are there to stop large particles of dust, dirt, and dander from getting into your HVAC and interfering with it’s efficiency.

Changing your air filters is important here because not doing so will lead to the eventual breakdown of your system. Clean air filters make it possible for HVAC units to deliver conditioned air throughout a space. However, if the filters are dirty, then the airflow is obstructed and the unit cannot perform its duty. You won’t likely tell the difference in the quality of air you’re breathing, but you will notice when your unit stops working.

Myth: I should change my air filter quarterly.

Truth: In many climates, changing the air filter once every three months is enough to properly maintain your HVAC unit. Unfortunately, in the desert, this isn’t usually the case. It’s better to change your air filter every month. That’s because it air is much dustier here. Furthermore, from April to October, most homes in Las Vegas run their HVAC units 24/7. That means the unit is picking up and filtering more dirt from the air.

If you have questions about air filter maintenance for your specific unit, contact an HVAC specialist at 702.227.5622 today.

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