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The Importance of Power Outages

We get a lot of complaints from customers about things like power outages. We understand: they’re inconvenient and disruptive, especially when they come as a total shock.

However, power outages aren’t always the result of an electrical issue. Many times, they’re actually planned by the power companies.

Now you may be thinking, why on earth would you need to plan a power outage? The fact is, planned power outages are quite helpful to the maintenance of power grids, especially in large metropolitan areas.

First, power outages make it possible for technicians to perform any necessary maintenance safely. The power needs to be turned off in an area in order for upgrades or repairs to be made without injuring the technician. In these cases, the power outages happen on a relatively small scale.

When there’s a power outage that affects entire communities, there’s massive work being done to better serve you. Of course, these large scale outages aren’t done on a whim. These widespread events are coordinated as far as months in advance so that community events and emergency services can plan accordingly.

You can learn about upcoming power outages by contacting your chambers of commerce or NV Energy.

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