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Luxurious Las Vegas bathrooms

Las Vegas is home to some of the most luxurious hotels. So it may come as no surprise that the bathrooms are extraordinary. Some of them may cost a lot though.


The Sky Villas are located on the 58th floor of the Aria. There is an outstanding view of the Las Vegas strip from these rooms. The amenities offered to hotel guests are spectacular. The bathroom in these rooms features dual sinks, marble fixtures, showers with seats, spa tubs with a great view and TVs. The most unique feature of these bathrooms would be the electronic toilet controls.

Hard Rock Hotel

This hotel is great for rock music fans. There are many options for specialty suites. Some are even designed after famous rock bands. The bathroom in each suite features marble spa tubs and walk-in showers big enough for a group. If you hit it big in Las Vegas, you may be able to stay the night in the Real World Penthouse. This is the most luxurious suite at the Hard Rock Hotel. There is a mosaic spa tub with a view of the Las Vegas strip. It is large enough for 6 people.


This hotel also offers a variety of specialty suites. The Barbie suite is perfect for a group of girls on vacation. The room feels like Barbie’s Malibu beach house. The bathroom features a large spa tub, marble sinks and bright, pink accents. For those coming to Vegas wanting to party, you will want to stay in the Erotic suite. You can literally throw a party in the bathroom. There are many lights, a floor to ceiling glass window and even a stripper pole.


You can have yourself a spa day in the bathroom of the parlor suites. The elegant bathrooms are painted in calming colors. The features include a marble whirlpool soaking tub, separate toilets, separate showers and walk-in closets.

Caesar’s Palace

You will feel like a Greek God or Goddess when staying in the Constantine Villa. The bathroom is the size of a one bedroom apartment and has marble columns. Other features include a steam showers, flat screen TVs and toilets with heated seats. The best part of this bathroom is the marble-topped tub with gold-plated fixtures.


You won’t have to fight over the bathroom to get ready in the morning. The bathroom features two large walk-in showers with LED showerheads that tell you the water temperature. There are private his-or-her toilets and even a separate makeup area. There is a lavish whirlpool tub with a massage function, air jets, a computer control panel and a TV.

Moon Nightclub

The cool bathrooms in Las Vegas aren’t just in the fancy suites. This nightclub in located on the 53rd floor of the Palms hotel. The bathrooms have full length glass windows with an incredible view of the Las Vegas strip. The bathrooms also have futuristic, stainless steel accents.

The first step to creating a unique, luxurious bathroom is having good plumbing. Las Vegas plumbing services can be contacted at 702.227.5622.

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