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Tips For Cleaning Drains

Life happens and our plumbing system will get clogged. It sucks when it does occur, but sometimes it isn’t really avoidable. Just cause you can’t avoid the issue altogether doesn’t mean you can take simple steps to fix it yourself. Sure, calling your Las Vegas plumber is the most effective way to get it fixed, but try these tips out first and you may find yourself calling a professional less often.

Plunger: There is a reason that plungers can be found in nearly every bathroom in this country. If used correctly, it can actually work. The best part about this method is its an inexpensive tool. So if you don’t already own a plunger, go out and get one now. Most minor clogs can easily be eliminated with the help of this plumbing tool.

Brine solution: This is the magic combination of salt and water. When you have a clogged sink, chances are the bathroom or kitchen will start smelling. This is due to the gunk that is stuck in the drain. The brine solution will take away the nasty odor. It’s best to use this solution just about every day. It can prevent grease from initially building up on the drain in the first place.

Drain cleaner: When a plunger alone won’t work and the salty water isn’t as magical as you had thought, it’s time to bring in the chemicals. There are many types of drain cleaners in the store, so talk with a Las Vegas plumber to learn more about the best types. Once you find the best one, be sure to thoroughly read all the instructions. Not all drain cleaners will work for both kitchen and bathroom sinks. Also, be careful how often you use these chemical solutions. Over a long period of time, it can lead to damage.

Vinegar and baking soda: Yes, we are advising you to turn your sink into an elementary school science project. This method is just as effective as the chemical solution, but it is safer on your plumbing. Simply pour some vinegar down the drain then add a few dashes of baking soda. Viola! The clog should diminish.

Mechanical snake: Of course, as great vinegar and baking soda are, some clogs are just too tough for a simple solution to tackle. This is where you bring in the big guns. Thread the snake down the clogged drain to manually get rid of the clog. Some people may be hesitant to use a mechanical snake on their plumbing. If this is the case, call a Las Vegas plumber to do the job for you. As much as you don’t want to accept defeat, this is the only sure fire way to get your drains working properly again.

The experts at JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning are experienced and can take on any plumbing job no matter how large. They even offer some discounts for first time customers. One thing is for certain, don’t let a plumbing problem go untreated too long. This can lead to more damage and much more costly repairs in the future. Call the plumber Las Vegas NV trusts for all their needs. For more information, contact 702.227.5622.

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