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Finding the Perfect Summer Temperature

Even as summer approaches an end, we are all tempted to blast the A/C. The heat just never seems to end in Vegas, does it? Well, don’t let yourself go bankrupt because your energy bill is sky high, check out these tips to keep your home cool without using too much energy.

Keep it at 78 degrees

Energy Star recommends that your A/C shouldn’t go any lower than 78 degrees F. This is cool enough for you to comfortably live and maximizes your home’s energy efficiency. Why 78 degrees? This is the national average temperature for a nice spring day in May throughout the US. Don’t you just wish that the weather in May lasted year round? There’s no reason your home should be any colder than that, it’s just a waste of energy at that point.

Find what’s comfortable for you

Okay, so you don’t have to keep your home at 78 degrees. If you’re able to withstand it, try kicking it up a few degrees to save even more energy. How much different can 80 degrees really be? Certainly not that different, but it can save you a ton more money on your energy bill. Perhaps, you or a family member has a medical condition and the heat just isn’t okay. In those cases, it’s okay for you to knock it down a few notches. Keeping it around 75 degrees may be lower than the recommended amount, but it shouldn’t spike up your bill too much. Just be sure that, if you choose to do this, you turn up the temperature while you are away from your home.

Before you turn down the temperature, try out some other methods to stay cool. Invest in ceiling fans. The air circulation can really help. Also, keep the sun out by closing your blinds and curtains during the day. While using other appliances like the oven or dryer, try to limit your use to cooler times of the day so it won’t heat up your home too much.

Live with the season

Honestly, the summer gets so hot that even with the A/C blasting you won’t feel cool unless you are dressed for the season. Only wear loose fabric and avoid pants or long sleeves. Stick to cotton tank tanks and shorts during the hot months. If you work in a place that requires you to wear a suit, don’t walk around your home in the outfit. Change into it right before you head out the door and change out of it as soon as you arrive home.

Keep yourself hydrated. On a normal day you should drink eight glasses of water. During the summer, you’re sweating and losing water from your body. Always keep a water bottle nearby so you don’t find yourself overheating. Avoid drinks and foods that could further your dehydration including caffeine, alcohol and sugar.

Maintain the A/C

Check the A/C every few months to ensure it is in proper working order. If you aren’t confident that you can maintain it properly yourself, contact the Las Vegas plumber and air conditioning experts. JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning offer an 18-point HVAC maintenance program. They will come out to your home on a regular basis and inspect the main 18 points on your unit. You can feel secure that it won’t break down on you during the hottest months by joining this program. Contact the plumber Las Vegas NV residents trust most for all their maintenance and repairs needs. For more information, call 702.227.5622.

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