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Reduce Your Heating Bill With 3 Tips

Heating and cooling costs can quickly get away from us if we’re not careful. With these tips, you can keep your heating bill in check without having to sacrifice comfort.

Turn it down a notch.

During the day, a temperature setting of 78 degrees is usually perfect to feel comfortable without forcing your heater to work too hard. While you sleep or while you’re out of the house, drop the temperature down to 65 or 70 degrees. This way, you aren’t spending money that you aren’t benefiting from and your furnace doesn’t have to work so hard to get your home back warm and cozy when you’re ready.

Check for air leaks.

Even if you have your thermostat set at the perfect energy saving temperature, you can still be throwing dollars out the window. So, check your windows and doors for cracks and other small openings that are allowing your heated air to escape. Fill cracks with caulk and replace any weather stripping that has deteriorated.

Service your system.

If no one has been to service your HVAC in at least a year, you’re long overdue. Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring your heater is working at optimum efficiency. So, contact the pros at JMAC Heating & Air to make sure your heater serves you well all winter. Call 702.227.5622 today to schedule an appointment.

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