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Air Conditioning Myths

Every year, Las Vegas summer temperatures never fail to exceed well over 100 degrees. Because of this dramatic heat wave, residents blast their air conditioners, causing energy bills to reach high prices. Many people try to find ways to remain cool without breaking the bank. Before you start making changes in your home, check out these air conditioning myths to watch out for.

Fans keep a room cool

A fan is designed to blow air around a room. If the room is 90 degrees, the fan will be moving around hot air. If the room is 70 degrees, the fan will move around cool air. It does help when the A/C is already on because it moves cool air over the skin. In a hot room, a fan will only make you feel hotter. Fans use a lot of energy, so unless you are in the room, turn off the fan.

Upgrading to a bigger air conditioner will give you better results

The change from spring to summer is drastic in Las Vegas. In fact, temperatures start becoming unbearable before summer officially hits. An increased use of the air conditioner can cause strain on it. Over the winter and even during some spring months, your air conditioning unit isn’t really being used. For you to turn on your air conditioner at full blast can overwork it. This leads many people to go out and buy new and larger units.

However, spending that extra money is not necessary. Just because your current unit may be smaller, doesn’t mean it isn’t capable of doing a proper job. Your unit needs regular maintenance to ensure it is working. Instead of buying a new one, simply have an expert check your air conditioner every few months and clean it at least once a month.

An air conditioner is just a device to cool the air

Many people assume that air conditioners are only good for one thing: cool air. Though it’s not a huge problem in Las Vegas, humidity is actually reduced with an air conditioner. During those few days every summer when it rains, the humidity spikes. However, your house still remains comfortable because the air conditioner is filtering moisture out of the air. On a typical summer day, it’s wise to turn off this setting. It’s not needed and will only take up more energy.

Crank the temperature down for faster cooling

In an attempt to save energy, some people turn off their air conditioner when they leave their house during the summer. Unfortunately, when they return home and have to turn their unit back on, it uses more energy and takes longer to cool off the house. Air conditioners are designed to work at a constant pace. Instead of turning it all the way off, simply turn up the temperature a few degrees higher when you leave the house. Even bumping your air conditioner just five degrees higher while you’re at work can make a huge difference on your power bill. When you return home and turn the temperature back down, the house will cool off faster.

If you do find yourself having troubles with your air conditioning unit, don’t hesitate to call an expert at JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning. They offer 24-hour emergency service, so they can be at your house any time of the day to fix the problem. For more information about air conditioning repair Las Vegas, contact 702.227.5622.

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