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New Years Resolutions

We don’t hesitate to set goals to take care of our bodies and health as we make New Year Resolutions.

But have you considered making a resolution to take care of your home’s plumbing system? By pampering your plumbing system, you can save time and money on costly repairsBut have you considered making a resolution to take care of your home’s

So as you sit down to make your 2016 resolutions, how about some of these…

Save Water. Do you have a leaky faucet or other plumbing fixture? Are you looking to replace older fixtures this year? Consider installing new water-saving fixtures and fix any leaks that you’ve been putting off.
Protect any exposed pipes. Pipe freezes can wreck all kinds of havoc on your home and property. Be sure that any exposed pipes are properly wrapped to avoid any busted pipes.
Take it easy on your garbage disposal. Not all things are meant to go down the disposal. For example, potato peels from one potato may be ok but potato peels from a dozen, are not! Also be sure to run a small stream of water while disposing and give it a freshen-up with some citrus peels once in a while (cleans and deodorizes).
Give your water heater some tender loving care! To extend the life of your water heater, regular flushing of your unit will help remove sediment and other harsh build-ups.

The professionals at JMAC can provide a complete and full inspection of all plumbing fixtures and do a complete evaluation of its current condition.

JMAC Plumbing & Air is here for you all year long! Give us a call to help you with any (plumbing) resolutions you need to make 2016 a stress-free year as a homeowner.


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