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Ode to our plumbers

plumber las vegasPlumbing is hard work and can get a little messy. Plumbers are unsung heroes; not often thought of until they are needed most. In a tribute to plumbers, let us highlight a few of the most famous plumbers (real and fictional):

Mario Brothers. A fictional example, they are still the heroes of one of the most popular video game franchises there is.

Ozzy Osbourne. Can you imagine being able to say that Ozzy Osbourne plunged your toilet? Someone somewhere can. He was once a plumber.

Joe the Plumber. Joe Wurzelbacher introduced himself this way when handed a microphone during a tour stop for the 2008 elections.  Maybe our current presidential candidates can find a plumber to make famous!

Thomas Crapper. You guessed it; this man is responsible for the term “crap” and the euphemism for the toilet: “the crapper”. He was a large supplier of toilets during World War I. Soldiers began calling them “crappers” and the term stuck.

Sir Michael Caine. Yes. We are talking about the award-winning actor. After serving in the army in Korea, he started a career as a plumber. Only afterward did he pursue a career in acting.

So, hats off to plumbers! To schedule your next service, call JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning—your Las Vegas Air Conditioning and Plumbing specialists—today!

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