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Plumbing Life Hacks

During the summer, your plumbing system can really take a beating. Between the heat from the sun pounding down on your home’s pipes and an influx of weekend visitors, your plumbing system is at a higher risk of breaking. During this time of year, it’s important that you are taking extra precautions to avoid major damages from occurring. Check out these plumbing hacks that will keep your plumbing system working in tip-top shape.

Check washing machine hoses

The hot Las Vegas sun means that we will be sweating a lot more. This causes us to change our outfits more often throughout the day. Wearing more clothes means that we all have to do laundry more often. The excess strain to our washing machines can prove detrimental if we aren’t maintaining it properly. Make it part of your regular cleaning and maintenance routine to check the washing machine hoses too. Inspect the hoses for any bulges, kinks or cracks. Any of these could result in a burst and flood your home. Checking on a regular basis can prevent any further damage from occurring. At the first sign of a problem in the washing machine hoses, contact a plumber LasVegas NV to fix it.

Pro tip: Switch your washing machine hoses to braided steel hoses. They are less prone to breaks and ultimately last longer.

Be mindful of foods you put down your garbage disposal


Contrary to popular belief, the garbage disposal is not supposed to be used to get rid of all types of food. In fact, it should only be used to dispose of small crumbs and food residue. During the summer, people have more barbeques and are left with more food in their homes. In order to prevent their garbage from smelling, people will dispose of their excess barbeque in the garbage disposal. Food such as corn husks, chicken bones and celery can damage the blades. Pasta, rice and other foods that expand with water can easily cause the drain to clog. Be gentle to your garbage disposal and only allow small bits of certain foods to flow down the drain.

Pro tip: Only use cold or lukewarm water when using the garbage disposal.

Check for sewer line breakage


Oddly enough, the rainy season in Las Vegas is during the summer. Even though it may only rain a few days during the summer, it can cause damage to your sewer line if you aren’t properly maintaining it. The rain causes plants that would otherwise die off in the summer to grow. This includes tree roots. If your plumbing system is located near a tree, the roots could cause damage to the line. If you find standing water on your property, it could be an indication of a sewer line break. Don’t hesitate to call a plumber in Las Vegas at the first sign of a sewer line problem. The longer the problem goes unfixed, the more costly the damages could become.

Pro tip: Clear the pipes of debris and roots on a regular basis to ensure the water is flowing freely.

If you experience any major issues with your plumbing, don’t wait to contact a plumber Las Vegas NV trusts. The experts at JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning offer 24-hour emergency service, so they can be at your home in no time. With over 30 years of experience, you can trust JMAC Plumbing to do a quality repair job. For more information about plumbing repair Las Vegas, contact 702.227.5622.

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