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Plumbing Myths, Part Four

It is hard to tell where they originate, but there are a lot of plumbing myths that homeowners seem to cling onto. This is the fourth in a series of posts debunking some of the more common plumbing myths.


In reality, hand soap may actually damage the surface of your fixtures. It all depends on what the fixture is made of. Brass faucets, for example, needs a more gentle solution, and toilet bowls need something with a good disinfectant. Before you start cleaning, take a minute to research the type of material, and the best way to clean it.

Brass and other sensitive metals can be cleaned with a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice. Just use a clean cloth to apply the paste and then rinse it off. Buff with a soft towel (microfiber or flannel work great) to prevent water spots and really get that shine.

For toilets, consider using something with bleach or another strong disinfectant. Cleansers like Comet, or toilet bowl cleaner work well for inside the bowl. For outside the bowl, consider wiping it down with a Clorox wipe or using a disinfectant spray. Again, if you take a minute and dry the bowl when done, it will give the toilet a nice shine.

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