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Prep Your Air Conditioner For Fall

Las Vegas residents happily await the arrival of the fall season. October is truly a favorite month of most people in this city and not just because of the candy and costumes. October is when it finally starts cooling down. We can throw on a light sweater, and we can finally shut off our air conditioning units. This is such an amazing feeling. Many people, however, will simply shut off the unit without taking the proper maintenance steps first. So, avoid a call to the air conditioning and heating repair Las Vegas relies on, by following these simple maintenance tips.

Clean it

Removing the debris around and on the A/C unit can significantly improve the overall function of the appliance. You have been using the unit for at least the past five months, surely a lot of dirt has gotten in it. Even though you won’t be using your A/C for a while, it’s best to clean it out now. Seriously, how terrible would it be if you failed to clean it now and it fails to work when you turn it back on six months from now? Cleaning it is very simple. Just get a moist rag and wipe the unit down.

Replace the filters

Again, even though you won’t be using it for some time, the job needs to get done now. The dirt left in the unit can affect you allergies by traveling into your home. Don’t you want to breathe in clean air? If your filter is permanently intact, then clean it.

Protect the unit

Las Vegas weather is unpredictable. Sometimes, it has even snowed during the winter. You want to be prepared for anything, so drape waterproof material over the unit to avoid any damage occurring. This will also prevent any dirt and other pollutants from affecting it so you can be sure to have fresh, clean air when you turn it back on later.

Get a professional tune-up

It’s recommended that you have a professional inspection of your unit right before the warm season and right as it ends. This way, if there are any problems with the unit, they can get fixed now. Even the tiniest of problem can later cause major damage if not properly taken care of.

Contact the experts at air conditioning and heating repair Las Vegas trusts most at JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning. They offer an 18-point HVAC maintenance plan at an affordable rate. It’s likely that your heating system is part of your air conditioning unit, so you want to be sure it is prepared for the approaching cold weather. Don’t wait until it’s 30 degrees and you’re sitting in an ice cold house to get help. The experts can prevent this from happening. For more information about the Las Vegas plumber and air conditioning company, contact 702.227.5622.

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