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Prepare Your A/C For Summer

Spring and summer are right around the corner. In Las Vegas, everyone knows that means running the A/C 24/7. Because you’ll be putting so much stress on your HVAC pretty soon, here’s a short guide to help you prepare your unit to battle triple digit temperatures.

Warm Weather HVAC Prep Tips

#1 |
Wash the outdoor condenser unit with a hose to get rid of dirt and debris that can interfere with your unit’s efficiency.

#2 | Remove any stubborn grime with a bucket of soapy water and a soft bristle brush. Just be careful not to accidentally bend the fins that aid with air flow.

#3 | Change your air filter and be prepared to change it again once a month for optimal performance.

#4 | Have your air ducts cleaned by a heating and air conditioning repair professional.

#5 | Get your unit checked for damages that will keep it from running with a thorough 18-point inspection. This way, if anything is found, you can have the issue fixed before it’s too hot outside.

As a Las Vegas local, you know how important an efficient air conditioning system is. So, make sure yours is cared for by the air conditioning repair company trusted across the valley. Just call 702.227.5622 to schedule an appointment and prepare your A/C for the heat.

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