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Safety First When Removing an Old AC Unit

Now that your air conditioning unit is turned off, it’s the perfect time to upgrade to a newer model. Old, rusty units can suck up large amounts of energy. You’ll just be throwing away your money every month on the power bills. Now is the time to get a better unit.

When choosing the best unit for your home, talk with the air conditioning and heating repair Las Vegas experts to determine which one is the right choice.

The downside to upgrading your unit is that you have to remove the old one. If done incorrectly, you could seriously injure yourself. In fact, it is illegal to dispose of the unit on your own. Avoid injury and legal troubles by contacting your trusted A/C and heating repair Las Vegas company.

You may be wondering what the big deal is. You’ve likely repaired minor problems on the unit yourself, so why can’t you be trusted to remove it? Well, let us explain.

Every air conditioning unit that was made prior to the 1990s contains chemicals. These specific chemicals are known as refrigerants, which allow cool air to blow out. Being as they are chemicals, they do have negative effects specifically on the Ozone layer. Research found that, in large quantities, the refrigerants are causing the destruction of the Ozone layer. This protects us from ultra violet rays so it’s likely you want to preserve it. After this was found, the US government regulated the use of these chemicals.

This danger means that removing the unit yourself and just placing in on the side of the road is a big no-no. A special piece of equipment is used to release the chemicals from the unit. From there, they are recycled. A person without expert air conditioning knowledge will not successfully perform this task. Even if you have a newer unit in need of replacing, it’s best to seek the help of an expert technician.

The air conditioning and heating repair Las Vegas professionals at JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning can help you. They are knowledgeable in the proper way to dispose of the unit. They even offer specials to new customers. So, don’t risk putting yourself and the environment in danger, contact the Las Vegas plumber and A/C pros today at 702.227.5622.

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