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Save On Your Summer A/C Bill

During the excruciatingly high temperatures of Las Vegas summers, everyone is tempted to blast their A/C. Unfortunately, the energy bill that comes at the end of the month will certainly reflect this usage, causing you to spend a small fortune in the pursuit of keeping cool. The following tips will help drastically decrease the amount you are spending on energy costs, without causing you to break a sweat.

Install a programmable thermostat

Increasing the temperature on your thermostat is an easy way to decrease your power bill. During times you aren’t home, there is no reason why your thermostat should be less than 80 degrees. Of course, people often feel rushed before work. Forgetting to turn up the temperature even one day will cause your bill to rack up. Luckily, programmable thermostats were invented for this very reason. At a local hardware store, they can be purchased for as low as $30 and could pay for themselves with just one or two uses.

Only use ceiling fans when you’re in the room

Using a ceiling fan is an unnecessary waste of electricity. Often times, people forget it’s on and leave the house without turning it off. This isn’t good for your power bill. The ceiling fan is only effective when you are in the room, so there is no point in wasting energy by leaving it on all the time.

Install air conditioners in the hottest rooms

Every house has that one room that never seems to get as cool as the others. Because the one room feels like a desert, people blast the central air conditioner, hoping it will cool off. Doing this will make every other room feel like Antarctica, while the one room is just mildly comfortable. Is it worth paying hundreds of dollars just to cool that one room? Certainly not, especially if you can spend less than $100 for a window or floor unit. The room can finally be livable and your bill doesn’t have to suffer as a result.

Keep the air conditioner clean

When the filter gets dirty, your air conditioner has to work extra hard to produce the desired effects. This wastes so much energy. To combat dirty A/C units, wash the filter every few weeks during the summer. It takes hardly any time out of your day and can save your hundreds. If you have an outdoor air conditioning unit, you can simply hose it off.

Close the blinds

Sure, the sunshine may look beautiful, but it won’t make your house any cooler. Letting in the sun will just let in more heat. Avoid letting extra heat enter your home by simply closing the blinds.

Hang laundry to dry

The dryer uses more energy than most appliances in your home. Not only does it take up a lot of electricity, but some of the heat will escape and turn your home into a sauna. During the summer, hang your clothes outside to dry. On days when the temperature gets well over 100, your clothes will dry faster outside than they would in a dryer.

If you find yourself experiencing problems with your air conditioner, don’t sweat. The experts at JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning offer a 24-hour emergency service, so they can fix the problem no matter when the problem arises. For more information about air conditioning repair in Las Vegas, contact 702.227.5622.

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