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Spring Plumbing Tips: Appliances

Spring is here! The weather is beautiful and everyone is a little bit more cheerful. So take advantage of this short window between when you need the heater and when you need the air conditioner and open those windows and air out your house a little. Start your spring cleaning and get refreshed! While you are at it, take some time for your plumbing maintenance, as well. Here are some quick tips for your checking your appliances:

Drain some of the water from your water heater. The internal shell of a water heater is susceptible to corrosion because of the sediments that gather at the bottom of the tank. These deposits reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the water heater. By draining some of the water, you are flushing out a lot of those deposits.


-Check the temperature settings on your water heater. Avoid temperature settings of 120 degrees or higher.


-Check your dishwasher and washing machine hoses for leaks. If you have a leak and need to replace the hose, consider an upgrade—stainless steel hoses are sturdier and more durable.


-Clean out your washing machine’s lint trap—yes, we said the washing machine; it has one, too.


-Get your air conditioner services in preparation for the summer! You don’t want to get stuck without air conditioning when you need it the most. Call JMAC Plumbing and Air Conditioning to schedule your service today!

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