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Third Round Nearly Done

March Madness is in full swing! By the end of today, we will know who is going to be in the Sweet Sixteen. As of right now, the following ten teams have made it it:


-University of Kentucky

-University of Notre Dame

-North Carolina State (upset! #8 beats #1 Villanova)

-Michigan State (upset! #7 beats #2)

-University of North Carolina

-Xavier University

-University of Arizona

-Duke University

-University of Utah



These teams are playing tonight:


-University of Iowa v. Gonzaga University

-University of Wisconsin v. University of Oregon

-Wichita State University v. University of Kansas

-University of Dayton v. University of Oklahoma

-West Virginia University v. University of Maryland

-University of Northern Iowa v. University of Louisville


UNLV is not playing in the tournament this year, but that does not mean you can’t still support Las Vegas while enjoying the games. Enjoy the game from a local business, or if you are hosting your own watch parties, shop locally! Local businesses are a dying breed, and need your support, whether it is a locally-owned restaurant or a pet store or something in the service industry. So, as you are watching the games tonight, remember to root for your town, as well as a team.


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