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Tips for Hiding your Outdoor A/C Unit

Living in Las Vegas, the air conditioner is everyone’s favorite appliance. However, if you have an outdoor unit, it can clash with your outside decor. Fortunately, there are many ways you can hide your air conditioning unit and still have your yard look good.

Before you just put your air conditioner in a box to hide, keep in mind how an A/C unit works. The machine needs to breathe to keep it working efficiently. Your air conditioner works hard to keep your house cool, which makes it generate a lot of heat. The metal casing on the outside of the air conditioning unit is perforated to keep it from overheating, so don’t forget this when you are designing anything around it.

Hiding Your Air Conditioner

Because your air conditioner works best when it’s not overheating, it’s a smart idea to keep it in a shady area. This will keep the machine running efficiently, ultimately saving more energy. A shady spot will also prevent your A/C unit from malfunctioning. The best spot to put your air conditioning unit is on the side of your house, where the least amount of sun can shine down on it.

If your house doesn’t produce a lot of shade during the hot, summer months, consider building a structure over the machine. When creating the structure, keep in mind the need for ventilation. If you have a lot of gardening supplies, you can even turn the structure into a shed. This will not only hide your air conditioning unit, but also keep your tools out of sight.

Fencing in the air conditioning unit is the most common way to hide it from view. You can use any design of fence and paint it your favorite colors. Spruce it up by adding flowers and other plants along the edge of the fence. Another common way to keep your air conditioner hidden is to build one accessible, well-ventilated structure. It is important that the air conditioning unit is easily accessible, in case it needs to be fixed. You can build the structure to look similar to a box, which will effectively hide the unit, but won’t compromise its efficiency.

If you are considering changing your landscape, this can be an opportunity to design a space for your air conditioner. Adding large plants around your unit can easily hide it from sight, while adding beauty to your yard. The key to hiding your air conditioning unit is to direct the eye to another point in your landscape. People will focus on the large, colorful vegetation and pathway that goes through the middle of your yard, instead of your air conditioner.

Once you have effectively hidden your air conditioning unit, it is important that you maintain it properly. The summers in Las Vegas can get as hot as 115 degrees. If you are experiencing any problems with your air conditioner, contact an expert at JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning immediately. They offer 24-hour service so an expert can be at your home right away to fix the problem. For more information about Las Vegas air conditioning services, contact 702.227.5622.

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